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Please read this Disclaimer in its entirety before accessing You must comply with all items listed in this disclaimer and our privacy policy and terms of service before continuing use of our site.

If you disagree with any part of this Disclaimer, please exit and do not utilize our website.

Tierrah Higginbotham is not a lawyer, accountant, credit analyst, or investment broker. Tierrah Higginbotham and representatives of The Financial Blueprint 101 (The Financial Blueprint, Inc.) are for informational and educational purposes only. Neither Tierrah Higginbotham nor The Financial Blueprint, Inc. assume responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in any of the content provided either through the use of one-on-one services or other resources created or recommended by our company. Tierrah's personal experiences and shared testimonials regarding, but not limited to, credit scores, earnings statements, wealth, or any other financial advice or information is not a guarantee of duplication for your personal financial situation. Furthermore, Tierrah's personal achievements and client success stories are not an indicator of future results.

You are encouraged to seek out independent financial advice from a professional or independently verify all information before implementing any suggestions made by Tierrah Higginbotham and/or The Financial Blueprint, Inc. You agree to hold Tierrah Higginbotham and The Financial Blueprint, Inc. harmless of any financial loss, emotional damage, or any other effect from utilizing any of the services or products that are made available through the company.

Affiliate Disclaimer: We may participate in affiliate programs from time-to-time, which we would earn income for by recommending products or services from third parties on our Website. If we participate in such affiliate programs, we will disclose that information to you in the post.

Changes: We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time without any prior notice to you.

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